Be Mindful and Stand Out with Aquarius

Here’s the big picture to dating the Aquarius Water Bearer (21 Jan – 18 Feb) The eleventh zodiac is the Aquarius Water Bearer, the intelligent thinker who loves to learn at great depths and strives to understand things, no matter the level of difficulty. Knowledge and new discoveries are this sign’s aphrodisiac. Besides being intellectually […]

What You Should Know About Libras

Steadiness of dating Libra Scales is to maintain balance and sail smoothly in life (23 Sep – 23 Oct) Number 7 zodiac has an acute sense of balance that is all about justice and fair play. This sign is very diplomatic and has a keen ability to listen to all viewpoints without losing patience. Let […]

Is This Zodiac Crab Right For You

What everybody ought to know about dating Cancer (22 Jun- 22 Jul) Number 4 of the zodiacs is surprisingly emotional and overly sensitive. They have a hard shell that fully guards their vulnerable nature. Cancer is a complex water sign filled with insecurities. Negativity, uncertainty and moodiness are just a few of their troubles. They […]

Secrets of the Gemini Twins

If you are dating a Gemini, you may be in for a few eye-opening surprises (22 May- 21 Jun) Third zodiac of the stars is known for being inconsistent and superficial; a dual personality that is full of enthusiasm and spontaneity. Be mindful of the Gemini Twins for you may be surprised who shows up. […]

Why Date #1 Aries Zodiac

aries zodiac ram

Reasons to Date an Aries Ram (21 Mar – 20 Apr) The very first zodiac sign out of the starry dozen is known for its fiery presence and headstrong nature. Aries is eager to explore and always up for a challenge; driven by an impulsive energy fueled by passion so don’t expect boredom with this […]

What’s Your Dating Plan?

Being single and dating is not an easy endeavor and the older you get the harder the process is to endure. You want to stay optimistic and hopeful but the discovery of meeting someone new is truly exhausting. I am told the odds are better hitting a Mexican piñata blindfolded, at least you know there […]

Who Said That About Dating?

“One good thing about internet dating: you’re guaranteed to click with whomever you meet.” ~ Mongo   “When a man goes on a date he wonders if he is going to get lucky. A woman already knows.” ~ Frederick Ryder   “Most relationships are not made in heaven. They come in kits and you have […]

Online Dating Circus Show

Online dating circus tent | Ask A Girl and A Guy

Dating is like a 3-ring circus filled with freaks, clowns and Carney folk. Who knew that meeting someone “normal” would be such a challenging pursuit of social affairs. After checking out several profiles on line, many of the guy photos were just all too wrong. How could you not laugh, photos say a lot about […]