1. **Prioritize Date Nights**: Schedule regular date nights, experimenting with new activities or visiting new places together.

2. **Communicate Openly**: Foster an environment where both partners can openly share thoughts, desires, and concerns.

3. **Surprise Each Other**: Small surprises like love notes, unexpected gifts, or spontaneous outings can add excitement.

4. **Keep Physical Intimacy Alive**: Prioritize physical closeness and affection, and be open to exploring new ways to connect intimately.

5. **Learn and Grow Together**: Take classes, attend workshops, or engage in hobbies together to grow both individually and as a couple.

6. **Travel and Explore**: Plan trips and adventures, whether they’re weekend getaways or international travels, to create new shared experiences.

7. **Celebrate Milestones and Create Traditions**: Acknowledge important dates, celebrate achievements, and establish your own traditions and rituals.

8. **Show Appreciation and Gratitude**: Regularly express gratitude and appreciation for each other, acknowledging both the big and the small things.

9. **Keep Personal Interests Alive**: Maintain your individual hobbies and interests to bring new energy and perspectives to the relationship.

10. **Be Playful and Laugh Together**: Incorporate humor and playfulness into your daily interactions to keep the relationship light and joyful.

Remember, the key to a thriving relationship is a continuous effort from both partners to nurture and refresh the bond.