After 47 years of navigating the labyrinthine corridors of life, I’ve come to realize that this journey is an intricate tapestry woven with experiences that range from the sublime to the challenging. Through the twists and turns, I’ve encountered the full spectrum of humanity, witnessing both the remarkable and the disheartening. These encounters have not only shaped my understanding of the world but have also imparted invaluable lessons that continue to guide me. In the list that follows, a compendium of 35 life lessons learned – you’ll find wisdom distilled from moments of triumph and tribulation. So, let’s embark on this enlightening journey together, where I’ll unravel the threads of insight that have enriched my path and, I hope, will illuminate yours as well.

  1. People can be just as good as they can be bad. It’s always a choice.
  2. Our thoughts shape our destiny
  3. Never expect anything from anyone without a clear agreement.
  4. The world is driven by fear, greed, and stupidity (as Albert Einstein observed).
  5. Trust but verify.
  6. It’s not a mistake if it keeps happening.
  7. There is no “try” in “do.”
  8. Everyone will disappoint you.
  9. Your feelings will change after 72 hours. Wait.
  10. Embrace change; it’s the only constant.
  11. Kindness costs nothing and means everything. It’s what every religion is really about.
  12. Success requires GRIT. The intersection of passion and perserverance.
  13. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.
  14. Comparison is the thief of joy; focus on your own journey.
  15. Your health is your most valuable asset; prioritize it.
  16. The company you keep profoundly influences your life.
  17. Learn to say no when necessary; it’s a form of self-care.
  18. Gratitude is the exilir to healing.
  19. Forgiveness is liberating, even when it’s difficult.
  20. Your thoughts shape your reality; choose them wisely.
  21. It’s okay to seek help when you need it; vulnerability is strength.
  22. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want or need.
  23. Practice active listening; it deepens your connections with others.
  24. Success is a journey, not a destination.
  25. Find joy in the little things; they add up to a happy life.
  26. Mistakes are not failures; they are stepping stones.
  27. Embrace uncertainty; it’s where growth and opportunity thrive.
  28. Your time is precious; spend it on what truly matters to you.
  29. Keep learning and teaching; knowledge is a lifelong gift.
  30. Your intuition is the creator’s voice; trust it.
  31. Cultivate resilience; it’s your armor in tough times.
  32. Let go of what no longer serves you, whether it’s possessions or relationships.
  33. Small consistent actions lead to significant results.
  34. Self-love is the foundation for loving others and living a fulfilling life.
  35. Get a dog. They are amazing for your mental health.