Here’s the big picture to dating the Aquarius Water Bearer (21 Jan – 18 Feb)

The eleventh zodiac is the Aquarius Water Bearer, the intelligent thinker who loves to learn at great depths and strives to understand things, no matter the level of difficulty. Knowledge and new discoveries are this sign’s aphrodisiac. Besides being intellectually driven, Aquarians are good communicators who can articulate themselves very well. A friendly sign to be around, Aquarians are social and like to make people feel good; they are also thoughtful, witty and always up for excitement. This freedom loving zodiac encourages change and creativity for Aquarians prefer an unpredictable way of life that is far from a fixed routine. They like to go their own way deviating from the crowd and any popular trends; they certainly take pride in being original.

If you are looking to date an Aquarian, communication is key. To be noticed, you need to stimulate this zodiac’s mind and show some uniqueness of your personality. Be conscious of your conduct, this sign desires a peaceful and positive life with honesty and sincerity. There is no room for naggers, complainers and emotional drama. Patience is also needed to date Aquarians for they do not easily commit to long-term relationships. They highly value their independence and any attempt to tie down this sign will only backfire. Should you earn the respect and heart of an Aquarian, they will be very faithful and loyal.

Aquarians are air signs that best match with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The fire signs best fuel this air’s whirlwind of free flowing energy.