Being single and dating is not an easy endeavor and the older you get the harder the process is to endure.

You want to stay optimistic and hopeful but the discovery of meeting someone new is truly exhausting. I am told the odds are better hitting a Mexican piñata blindfolded, at least you know there are sweets and treats before you. All in all dating is a necessary evil, agonizing to the point it can wear you out but undeniably a must do.

So how do you go about finding that special person in order to have a more promising future? Start thinking about the letter P.

Have a plan of properly preparing so you prevent poor decision-making.


What’s your plan?

Ask yourself, do you know what you are looking for in a person or are you just winging it as if you are playing a game of chess or craps? Throwing yourself out in the market and seeing what sticks is more or less like gambling. This approach leaves you with poor odds and many jokers. Talk about having a weak strategy in the dating game and being wasteful with time, something that no one has enough of these days and comes at a very high premium. So why not make the proper investment in yourself and identify the traits of “who” you truly visualize spending your days, months and years with until your last breath.  Entirely a much bigger decision to ponder than most people will even think about and make.

When evaluating wants and desires consider such questions that reveal character, discover similarities, determine compatibility, create intimacy, inspire romance, increase dating fun, enhance relationship, etc.

Getting through the BS quickly to determine if your valuable time is being wasted should be a priority when conversing. For instance, if you spend vacations skiing and your date only likes to travel to warm weather hot spots, then this difference may be a deal breaker. Don’t expect people to change or to conform to your way of life. This vision is not promising so do yourself a favor and move on. Life is short and precious.

All things considered, take the time to plan so you make better choices in the pursuit of happiness; and don’t forget to approach dating with a smile and an open heart.