Dating is like a 3-ring circus filled with freaks, clowns and Carney folk.

Who knew that meeting someone “normal” would be such a challenging pursuit of social affairs. After checking out several profiles on line, many of the guy photos were just all too wrong. How could you not laugh, photos say a lot about who you are.

Here’s the real truth. Guys if you are posting these types of profile photos make note of what the perception is:

Only wearing baseball hats

Hair or the lack there of is a concern. The thought of a woman running her fingers through your mane is likely not going to happen. Basically, the main message here is balding.

Headshots, photos taken from the chest up or at a very far away distance

Weight issues or a sensitive appearance are the signals being read. These types of photos reek of insecurities.

Always wearing sunglasses

Looking cool and smooth are not the likely personas instead try Risky Business, a shady character that’s not trustworthy. Incognito does not win you any brownie points.

Unbuttoned shirt to navel

Simply, this look is a turn off that has no X-factor appeal. Rico Suave you are not. The perception here is no class just crass.

Wearing “too much” jewelry… chains, chokers, rings, bracelets etc.

Are you a thug, gangster and how bad is your attitude? This image emanates lack of style that is very cheesy and may be a warning sign for anger management issues.

Coiffed hair pumped up with gel products

It can only be surmised you spend way too much time in the mirror. Vanity will get you nowhere. Not to mention, the overabundance of hair styling products may be hazardous for anyone to be around.


If your photos fall in any of the buckets above, then think about updating your profile image or your first impression may only be for peanuts.