If you are dating a Gemini, you may be in for a few eye-opening surprises (22 May- 21 Jun)

Third zodiac of the stars is known for being inconsistent and superficial; a dual personality that is full of enthusiasm and spontaneity. Be mindful of the Gemini Twins for you may be surprised who shows up. They are chameleons who charm and entertain their audience with humor and wit; other times flaky and scattered. They can leave anyone on edge and frustrated. Watch out, this zodiac sign has sharp communication skills and by no means has trouble voicing their opinions. Their faults are mostly being restless, impatient and having a short attention span. The Gemini enjoys being on the move, having fun and never likes to be pinned down to a fixed routine. You will have to let go of the wheel for this air sign likes to fly freely.

Gemini Twins connect favorably with Sagittarius, Leo and Aries; the fire signs are the best igniters to fuel this air’s wind speed.