I was the new single guy in town, in need of a social life, so I agreed to a blind date. As we drove to the restaurant, the conversation was friendly and easygoing – so far so good. After we began eating, my presumptuous date proceeded to talk about her future nuptials and the engagement ring she was expecting to receive.

The ongoing details of the Tiffany 4 carat diamond ring were starting to give me a case of verbal indigestion.

Selectively listening but still managing to enjoy my delicious filet, my attention was more focused on the meal. Suddenly I was not feeling well. I skipped dessert and decided to take my date home. To aid in the gastric reflux, I headed over to the supermarket and purchased a few remedies for the night.
Before driving home, I returned to my date’s house and in her mailbox happily put a written note that said, here are your 4 carrots have a nice future, enjoy!

It was just the R-E-L-I-E-F needed to cover the onset causes of nausea, heartburn and indigestion.