Hot Crazy Matrix

Need a Laugh? For you guys out there, here is a short video on identifying the crazy women from the women you may want to introduce to your friends and family. Enjoy!  

My Personal Date R-E-L-I-E-F

I was the new single guy in town, in need of a social life, so I agreed to a blind date. As we drove to the restaurant, the conversation was friendly and easygoing – so far so good. After we began eating, my presumptuous date proceeded to talk about her future nuptials and the engagement ring she […]

Important Communication Skills for Healthy Dating

People who are freshly entering or reentering the dating scene can sometimes find themselves anxious about starting a fresh conversation. What should you talk about? What should you avoid? How long before the silence becomes awkward? Don’t panic. It’s actually quite easy. Just do what comes naturally. Listen This might seem obvious, but it is […]