To The Woman Who Broke A Marriage

It all began at the gym, an unlikely place for the unraveling of a marriage. As I was diligently working on my fitness, you appeared like a whirlwind of charisma, selling charity experiences to unsuspecting gym-goers. Your smile was infectious, your words persuasive, and your presence magnetic. Little did I know, that chance encounter would […]

Embracing Freedom in Relationships: Letting Go and Moving Forward

In the rollercoaster ride of life, relationships often play a significant role in shaping our emotions and decisions. Whether it’s a difficult breakup or a painful divorce, the past can haunt us, making it hard to let go and embrace the present. In this post, we will explore the transformative power of learning to let […]

Why Relationships Really Matter for a Good and Satisfying Life

In 1938, Harvard University embarked on a groundbreaking study, following the lives of 268 men from young adulthood to old age. Over the decades, researchers collected data on their physical health, mental health, relationships, careers, and more, in an effort to answer the question: What makes for a good life? Now, in the book “The […]

How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy During The Pandemic

How to Maintain a Happy, Secure, and Functional Relationship Amid the Pandemic How are you handling the the pandemic with your partner? If you’re like most couples, you’ve probably had your ups and downs as you navigated new stresses – and spent a whole lot of time in the same space during lockdown. It can […]

I Can’t Wait to Go on My Next Date (Said No One Ever)!

Online dating can be like a black hole that sucks you up, spins you around, plays with your head and then spits you right out to try and figure out what just happened while recovering from your head injury. Ok, fine, that description may be a little dramatic. One can find a few upsides to online […]

35 Love Lessons Learned

To all the men I’ve dated….thank you. Thank you for joining me on this rocky yet exhilarating journey in life and in the pursuit of love. Whether you were in my life for a day, a week, a month, a season or for years, I am grateful for every one of you. Because every experience with another human being teaches […]

Rules of Engagement: Ten Tips for Fighting Fair in Relationships

The beginning of every new relationship feels like you’re floating on a rainbow candy cloud of endorphins. You’re both on your best behavior; and that’s easy to do because you’re starting with a clean slate. There are no past resentments or hurts – yet. However, in the course of everyday life, conflict inevitably arises and the […]