I Can’t Wait to Go on My Next Match.com Date (Said No One Ever)!

Online dating can be like a black hole that sucks you up, spins you around, plays with your head and then spits you right out to try and figure out what just happened while recovering from your head injury. Ok, fine, that description may be a little dramatic. One can find a few upsides to online […]

Rules of Engagement: Ten Tips for Fighting Fair in Relationships

The beginning of every new relationship feels like you’re floating on a rainbow candy cloud of endorphins. You’re both on your best behavior; and that’s easy to do because you’re starting with a clean slate. There are no past resentments or hurts – yet. However, in the course of everyday life, conflict inevitably arises and the […]

Texting and Dating. Do the ‘Write’ Thing: Part Two

The advent of the smartphone and the Internet means that we now lead two lives: our ‘real’ life and our ‘phone’ life. Many of us treat our devices like an appendage, keeping them within easy reach at all times so that we can check in and out of our real life and phone life throughout […]

When Texting Do The “Write” Thing: Part One

If you are dating today, then you are likely texting. And in this digital age of instant communication, it is important to brush up on your social texting etiquette. Text messages can be like deciphering HTML code – complex and tiring on the mind. How do you really know the true meaning of the conversation if […]