If you are dating today, then you are likely texting. And in this digital age of instant communication, it is important to brush up on your social texting etiquette.

Guy on beach texting Text messages can be like deciphering HTML code – complex and tiring on the mind. How do you really know the true meaning of the conversation if you only have a few typed words to go on?

Since texting lacks human contact and is basically a monologue limited to pixels on a computer screen, be careful of the pseudo conversation you have with someone you cannot hear or see. You may find yourself in a texting marathon, so be sure you are sending out the right signals and also reading the right messages so that the conversation is not taken out of context.

Know the basics of text etiquette.

♥ Be polite when text messaging

However, if you have been stood up or dumped (especially if it is by text), then you have a free pass to defy this rule.

♥ Do not use all CAPS when texting

Unless you intend to come across as yelling and shouting which would be rude and not very polite.

♥ Drinking and Texting makes a bad cocktail

Stay away from the keys and more than ever the keys to your Ex. You will only regret this blunder in the morning along with the possible hangover.

♥ Spellcheck

Please! Yes, it is only a text but you make a much better impression when your spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct. Are you that lazy you cannot check for typos?

♥ Attempt to maintain a text conversation that is light, flirty and fun in tone

Try keeping the dialogue positive specially when you are just getting to know someone.

♥ Do not pull out your phone and begin texting while on a date

By all means, put your phone away and pay attention to the person in front of you or you will likely find yourself at a table for one. However, if there is an emergency, understandably all is forgiven.

♥ Do not over share information

Texting excessively or committing textual harassment will most likely get you blocked and render you dateless.

♥ DO NOT BREAK UP with your date by text

This text etiquette goes without saying, but we had to say it anyway. This avoidance communication is simply classless and cowardly.

Who knew a very basic rule of practicing safe and good text would be to use commas and never miss a period.