To date or not to date a Capricorn Goat, find out if this zodiac is too challenging for you
(22 Dec – 20 Jan)

The tenth zodiac is the Capricorn Goat, an ambitious achiever who is very strong-minded and incredibly patient. Capricorns are hardworking and very determined to climb to the top of whatever they do in life whether it’s professionally or socially. They are status seekers who are easily dazzled by money and materialism. This zodiac is known for being stubborn, selfish, skeptical and in no way spontaneous. Capricorns prefer a structured life where every decision is carefully planned and calculated. Besides being disciplined, they have a conceited personality that is very bossy and they prefer to take charge of situations themselves.

Capricorns do have their attractive traits but they may not be so apparent. They are mostly logical and rational thinkers with an organized outlook on life. They are not the easiest sign to make friends with due to their high standards and secretive nature. If dating a Capricorn, you may find difficulty in making an emotional connection for this sign suppresses their feelings.  Acceptance is key with a Capricorn or expect a rather complex relationship that may get your goat.

Capricorn’s earth sign may pair best with Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. The water signs are likely to draw out some emotion that the Capricorn is so held back from revealing. Water may also hydrate a bit of fun and vitality to this earth’s life that is way too serious.