What’s the Meaning of the XO and Wink Text? These shortcodes are attention grabbers.

XO SMS Signage

XO has historical significance for it has been around since the days of letter writing or even earlier. Now in modern times, XO is simply SMS slang to mean hugs and kisses as a friendly gesture.

If you are seeing someone special at least once a week and texting each other daily, you may receive an XO text. This shortcode is a sign that the relationship is moving in the right direction. If things are going well, XOs may start showing up as messages from one, two, and three times. Before you know it, the XOs may even start multiplying. But what if you notice that the number of XOs start suddenly decreasing? Is your date less interested? Try and gauge the XO increase or decrease ratio with how often you talk and see each other. If you find the number goes from one XO to several XOXOXOs over time, then your date is definitely into you and wants you to know it! On the other hand, if your XOXOXOs turn into XO or they stop altogether; it could be that your date is just not that into you anymore.
XO may conjure up new meaning such as “crossed out” of life.

Couple sitting together using their cellphones to text

The Wink Emoticon

Almost all text messages these days have some sort of smiley emoticon.  It is a great non-verbal substitute that reads well without actually having to say anything.  Do keep in mind, emoticons should be used in moderation and not excessively.

What’s the meaning of the wink 😉 and when to use it ? The SMS wink is the ultimate way to respond to someone who may be funny, sarcastic, cheeky or flirty.  If you happen to receive several winky faces, then your date may find you funny, witty, flirty or all of the above.  Keep the conversation going and hope the smiley faces continue to make you smile.

Wake-Up Text Messages

If you wake-up in the morning and you already have a text waiting for you, then you can be sure your date is smitten. Most likely you were the last person on his or her mind the night before and the first person in the morning. Not much to decode, the signs are fairly obvious here!

EZ Microwave Texting

Texting allows us to transmit our thoughts in order to obtain a response within minutes, but it also distracts us from being in the present moment. Texting lets us accelerate the speed at which we connect with others giving us the opportunity to nurture relationships even faster.

It goes without saying when something looks good and helpful, you may find that after its use it is quite hindering.

Even though technology offers many communiqué advantages, technology can easily deter us from using our very own social skills in having “real” verbal conversations, so try not to get easily lost in texting and forget to look up and actually speak to the person directly in front of you.  Yes, start to use your voice to converse and stop being socially inept.

Review your SMS and text the “write thing”

Texting can be a clear cut way of misinterpreting how you feel and what others say and mean. If you care to text, then text with caution.