When it comes to dating, sometimes it is more about what you DON’T do versus what you DO.

It takes time to build chemistry and trust in a relationship and all it takes is a moment to throw it out the window. If you are hoping to make your next date go the distance, here are a few important things to avoid.

Happy couple in a cafe

Talking about
your Ex

If you are actively dating then hopefully, you are over your Ex. If not, please keep his or her name off your tongue, at least for the night. This faux pas is one of the biggest turn-offs when meeting someone new.  For now, keep the past in the past.

Playing with your phone 

Just shut it off. Playing the I’m so popular game will leave you single and “not so popular” for a long time. If it turns out you are on a date from hell, just say you have diarrhea. Trust me, he or she probably won’t call you again. Stop being rude and start being present!

Getting sentimental and teary-eyed

For those of you who are emotional and wear your heart on your sleeve, now is not the time! For the best chance at success, be sure to smile and be cheerful. You want to make a great first impression that hopefully leads to a future date.

Sharing about your money problems

Even if you are really broke, speaking about such financial matters at the beginning of a date is a true no no! If things are actually that bad, you should be working on a second job, not dating.

dupree3_1006x555 Bringing your roommate along

Let go of your security blanket and learn how to be yourself. Nothing screams louder than “You, Me & Dupree” when you bring your friend along on a date. Unless you are a devout Christian, chaperones are NOT allowed so leave the third wheel behind.

Being a naysayer

Maybe one day your judgmental and opinionated side will be appreciated however, save your complaining for another time. Try to see the best in every situation and every person or else you may get labeled as miserable and insecure.

Being rude to waiters and service staff

If you are rude to complete strangers, then there is no telling how rude you will be once you are comfortable with someone. This conduct in public is an excellent character killer so be aware of how you treat people.


Getting drunk

If this date is just about a booty call for you, then drink away! If not, keep it to a 2-drink maximum. Take the edge off but don’t turn into an embarrassing hot mess.

Pushing your political views or religious agenda

Being intelligent and well versed in politics or religion can certainly be a turn on however, being a self-righteous dictator is not. Try to save deeper conversations for a later time. If you just can’t help yourself, at least be well informed and rational. Talking out of your ass does not improve your chances for another date.

Forgetting to ask questions

Do not let the conversation be all about “me, me me me me”.  Interact and create dialogue by asking your date questions. If you like to hear the sound of your own voice, you may end up with no audience.  Sure, your life is fabulous but don’t forget to listen twice as much as you speak. Take the time to have open ears, you may be amazed at what you learn.