10. Freedom to choose

You can do what you want, when you want and how you want.  You are in complete control of your life and you don’t have to answer to anyone, get anyone’s buy-in or compromise on anything.

9. You don’t have to clean up anyone else’s mess but your own.

You know you will always come home to exactly how you left your own mess unless you have a roommate.

8. Personal growth

You have time to explore and learn new things. Single people are often more interesting than married people because they have more time to read, to take classes and to explore areas of interest in depth.

7. Stay in shape

In relationships we often find ourselves putting off the gym/exercise to spend more time with our new boy/girlfriends. And when we’re spending more time with our significant others, we eat more. Single people look better because they have time to workout and look good for the mate they’re trying to attract.

6. Stay out all night

No one cares. You can eat the entire tub of ice cream in your bathtub. No one cares. You can watch anything you want on TV.  No one cares! No one is there to judge you or admonish you. You can do whatever the heck you want!

5. Flirt with anyone and everyone

Walk into any bar, party, event and enjoy the attention you receive without feeling worried that you’re significant other will be upset and jealous.

4. Enjoy variety

Date all kinds of people and never get bored with the same person.


3. Freedom to move

If you get an amazing job offer in another city, great ~ take it! You don’t have to worry about sticking around for someone else’s dream job. If you want to take a last minute trip to some exotic destination, you can ~ sans the hassle of trying to coordinate schedules.

2. Dealing with someone else’s emotions is hard

It’s tough enough to deal with your own emotions and mental baggage, why make life more complicated than it already is?

1. Break-ups suck

Choose the wrong person and buckle up for an emotionally draining time in your life. Stay single and bypass the heartache, disappointment, asset allocation and regret that inevitably accompany a break-up.