Heads up on dating the Scorpio, their spark may sting (24 Oct – 22 Nov)

The eighth zodiac in the celestial dozen is quite intense and dynamic; an unpredictable sign that can be sweet as sugar and cold as ice. Having an instinctive and dominating personality, this zodiac yearns to be in control of any situation. Scorpios say what everyone else is thinking and confront problems straight on with total confidence. They are not quitters; they are relentless so be cautious if you decide to challenge them. Their exterior is tough making them stern protectors but not the trusting type for they rarely reveal their vulnerable side. Scorpios hone in to what’s going on around them. Their memories are sharp and they never tend to forget. If Scorpios are betrayed, keep your distance their sting can be very painful; they are known to be manipulative and jealous.

Since Scorpios are not social butterflies, they may come across as being shy. Believe it or not this zodiac is sensitive, generous and helpful. They have a personality that is captivating and alluring; they are loyal and look for sincerity and honesty in others. Scorpios are a strong force you can trust as long as you do not provoke or cross them. Should you find yourself dating Scorpios, be sure to avoid their harmful bite and instead go for their determined passion.

Scorpios are water signs and make a good match with the earth zodiacs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Earth signs can help Scorpios live a more practical side to life that is grounding and not so complex.


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