Get the scoop on dating Virgo Virgin Maiden (24 Aug – 22 Sep)

Number 6 zodiac sign prefers to have an organized mind that is precise to the point of perfection. Known for being picky and judgmental, Virgos are very difficult to please. Spontaneity is not their true nature instead they are diligent planners who desire to spend the necessary time over analyzing every detail before making a decision. Be mindful of these Virgin Maidens, they have sharp memories and do not easily forget any mishaps. They are thorough at what they do and have very high expectations of others. When talking with Virgos, they may come across as being harsh and cold hearted; they are straight shooters with no added sugar. Not the trusting emotional type, Virgos internalize their feelings so you may have to dig deep to get to the affectionate core of this sign.

On the positive side, Virgos are faithful partners having a great deal of patience. They prefer a routine life that is predictable. Their motives are honest and not intentionally spiteful. Virgos are reliable, practical and helpful. If looking for stability, this sign is fully grounded and pretty much down to earth.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the water signs that best partner with Virgo. Because this zodiac is very internally rooted, water’s flowing current aids to this earth’s stagnant inflexible ways.


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